Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches User-Friendly Raman Spectroscopic Analyzer


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. today announced the release of a new Raman spectroscopic analyzer for process monitoring for a variety of applications, including biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The Thermo Scientific Ramina Process Analyzer offers non-destructive and continuous analysis without the need for sample preparation, with rapid system setup and deployment in as little as 15 minutes to generate spectral data on target analytes within seconds. Thermo Scientific Ramina Process Analyzer (Photo: Business Wire) Thermo Scientific Ramina Process Analyzer (Photo: Business Wire). This easy-to-use system is designed to eliminate the complexity of performing Raman spectroscopy measurements, making the technique accessible to all levels of user experience while maintaining high precision and accuracy. The compact system utilizes a range of patented probes to maximize the speed and sensitivity of results, enabling fully automated in situ measurements to calculate concentrations in a reaction vessel.

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