Teledyne FLIR Celebrates Decade of Success With K-Series Firefighting Cameras


Sometimes a product comes along that disrupts the market, taking quality, ease of use, and reliability to new levels. In March 2013, FLIR (currently Teledyne FLIR) released the first models in its K-series thermal imaging cameras for firefighting applications. 

A decade down the line, the ground-breaking K-series remains the market leader in firefighting applications, allowing crews to visualize a plan of attack, locate hot spots, and save lives in ultra-quick time. The origins of Teledyne FLIR date back to 1978 with the formation of FLIR Systems and the development of high-performance, low-cost infrared (thermal) imaging systems for airborne applications.

Following distinguished success in numerous market sectors, the company entered to the firefighting arena in 2013 with the launch of its K-series cameras.

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