Silent Sentinel joins Phase 3 of the UK MoD’s RPV programme to provide the Mission Master UGV with sensors


Silent Sentinel will provide a unique multi-sensor electro-optical platform for Rheinmetall Canada’s Mission Master SP A-UGV as part of the UK MoD’s Robotic Platoon Vehicles (RPV) programme. Silent Sentinel will be equipping the Mission Master SP with a range of sensors, some of which have been designed specifically for this contract. The bespoke sensor system will provide the Mission Master SP with threat detection, recognition, and identification at long ranges and in all weather and lighting conditions. The contract forms part of an order placed by the British Army for the final phase of the RPV programme, known as Spiral 3. The RPV programme will determine the extent to which uncrewed vehicles can boost the combat effectiveness and capabilities of dismounted troops at the platoon level. The UK first procured four Mission Master vehicles in 2020, under the Spiral 1 project, followed by another deal in February 2021 to procure four more vehicles under Spiral 2. According to Shephard Defence Insight, the Mission Master is an eight-wheeled UGV which can be used for battlefield surveillance, CBRN detection, cargo transport and medical evacuation.

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