Proengin labeled PEP’s, “Producing in prison” label


Proengin and all its employees are honored to announce the obtaining of the PEP’S label “Producing in prison” for the activity of assembling and assembling subsets of detectors in the workshop located in the prison center of Bois d’Arcy (78). Alain Cissé Managing Director, HR & Finance of Proengin says, “We are honored to obtain a label that rewards our commitment to CSR policy. We are convinced that the right to work of prisoners is an essential element in professional reintegration, which is why we are all the happier and satisfied with this collaboration. ”This label represents and illustrates our investment in our ethical practices, our responsible and inclusive commitment. Missions are carried out by a team selected and trained in advance. Beyond knowledge, Proengin provides the necessary equipment to ensure the best possible working conditions and establishes an adequate working climate for initiative and communication. It is a real association based on trust both between workers and society and between workers and guards.

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