Post Event Report on the First NCT Virtual USA


The very first NCT Virtual USA Event took place between July 21st and 22nd 2020. This new platform has been welcomed with enthusiasm from the audience in a time where public gathering restrictions have been imposed across the world. For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the American CBRNe, C-IED, EOD community gathered over the duration of two days, showing their willingness to keep the CBRNe community connected!

NCT Virtual USA  gathered key stakeholders from the  American CBRNe, C-IED, EOD community  on a unique platform. High-level speakers shared their knowledge during multiple  conference sessions chaired by BG (ret.) William King, while the virtual exhibition  gave our over 350 attendees the opportunity to learn about new technologies in a realistic and interactive environment. Multiple networking opportunities offered the possibility to interact with delegates and exhibitors through private chats, group discussions and video conversations.

NCT Chairman

BG (Ret.) William King

Former Commander, 20th CBRNE Command, U.S. Army, USA

By spending an average time of 8hours 50minutes on the virtual platform, attendees proved their interest in our newly developed platform and its intuitive way of navigating. More than 3000 Booth entries were made, demonstrating the simplicity with which, you can access the different rooms available on the platform; eliminating the need to walk long distances to access the material of our exhibitors and chat with them! Everything is available in one click.

We also wanted to thank you all for your presence during our conference sessions! An average of 150 attendees were simultaneously connected in the conference room over the two-days. If you attended the event, the recording of presentation has been made available in the event report mailings. Alternatively you can contact us for more information.

Conference Day I

July 21st

The Conference began with the opening remarks from NCT chairman BG (ret.) William King, along with Mr. Ilja Bonsen and Ms. Anna Paternnosto from the CBRNe Society. Following the opening remarks, our distinguished speakers have delivered presentations on the topic of ‘National CWMD Strategies and Implementation.’ Mr. Douglas Bryce from JPEO-CBRND gave an overview of JPEO-CBRND’s Mission and Response to COVID-19. Then Dr. Ron Hann from DTRA discussed about Science and Technology to enhance the response to the crisis. The session was concluded by Dr. Eric Moore from US Army. He talked about CCDC CBC’s chemical and biological expertise to support the nation in the COVID-19 crisis.

During the networking break, The Networking Lounge in the online environment provided attendees with an amazing opportunity to get together through multiple public chats. Attendees interacted with one another on the topics of Medical Countermeasures and Decontamination, Detection and Identification, PPE, and other CBRNe related topics.

After the break, the second session took place on one of the most pressing topics. Our speakers talked about interagency cooperation and coordination with regard to COVID-19. The first speaker of the session Dr. Christian Hassell from HHS, presented the HHS’s Response to COVID-19 and Interagency cooperation. Following Dr. Christian Hassell’s presentation, Mr. Edward P. Argenta from DTRA talked about Monitoring Integrated Digital Non-Invasive Threat Exposure Portfolio. Then, COL Ryan Eckmeier from JPEO-CBRND gave a presentation on the topic of “Responding to CBRN Threats, Responding Requires Strategic Partnerships”.The session closed with the expert insights of COL E. Darrin Cox from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases who talked about COVID-19 Research and Partnerships.

The fruitful first conference day finished with the Innovation Lounge, where Industry exhibitors and government representatives had the opportunity to discuss R&D projects and potential future contracting opportunities. Exhibiting companies were listed under specific categories based on the type of offered solution. Government Project Managers and R&D professionals were able to engage in a conversation by simply requesting a video chat with selected companies.

Conference Day II

July 22nd

On the second day, Mr. Sean Haglund from DHS opened the conference session on Common Operational Picture and Knowledge Management in CBRNe, C-IED, and EOD by presenting Counter-IED Programs and Resources. Following the first presentation, Mr. David G. Bowers from the US Postal Inspection Service introduced how the postal service investigates dangerous mail. Lastly, BG Tim Rice from FDNY talked about FDNY HazMat Adapting Capabilities for COVID-19.

The last conference session was dedicated to the topic of Adapting the Force to the Future Threat Environment. Mr. Donald Always from FBI presented us The FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, which goal is to Staying Ahead of the Threat. Dr. Christopher Earnhart from JPEO-CBRND gave an overview of JPL CBRND Enabling Biotechnologies. Lastly, Col Donald J. Riley from the US Marine Corps gave a presentation on the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force of the US Marine Corps Forces Command. Finally, Chairman BG (ret.) William King delivered a closing remark, together with Mr. Ilja Bonsen, and Ms. Anna Paternnosto. As the first day of the event, Networking Break and the Innovation Lounge took place in between two sessions.

We would like to sincerely thank all the delegates and speakers for their participation, as well as our sponsors, ADS, Heyltex, and Meridian who made this event possible! 

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