Ouvry Launch of the manufacture of a protective mask against Covid-19


Ouvry launches the manufacture of a protective mask against the coronavirus-Covid 19 at the request of public forces, rescue units and authorities (Defence, Interior Director…). Ouvry adapts an existing product, its “half mask anti-odour and projections”.

As a result, the company is mobilizing its supply chain and adapting its industrial capacities to start up an initial production of 5,000 masks on Monday 23 March. The product, which will be delivered in bulk in bags of 50, will include, among other things, a technological brick used in the DECPOL decontamination glove, a “3D” non-woven fabric that is highly absorbent and filters (biological) particles through its pores.

Ouvry puts its expertise in this field at the disposal of the community. At the same time, Ouvry is continuing the manufacture of DECPOL decontamination wipes.

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