New-generation detection: The ChemProX


The ChemProX next-generation handheld chemical detector features wireless connection network with GPS information, built-in simulation mode for training, and a proven and enhanced chemical detection technology. Environics’ modular and scalable CBRN monitoring systems enable civil and military operators to achieve the objectives in their variable missions. Providing early warnings for detected CBRN threats and creating a base for informed decisions, they help to initiate protective and other timely countermeasures in the face of a threat. The modular structure of the systems consists of integrated sensors, data communication units, systems services, databases, and user interfaces. In the heart of system solutions, the EnviScreen Operix 2020 represents the latest launch of system software. As valued elements, it offers real-time situational awareness and specialised CBRN application targeted tools for CBRN monitoring, operator guidance, reporting, integration, operator training, and system maintenance.

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