New FLIR Survey Finds a Majority of Americans Support Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening to Prevent Spread of COVID-19


Commissioned by FLIR and completed July 28-30, of the more than 2,000 adults polled, the vast majority, 82% of respondents, say thermal temperature screening is “worth it for the sake of public health.”

Broken down by place, 89% of those surveyed support thermal temperature screening for visiting a doctor or having a medical test completed. Even for “going to a concert or sporting event,” the lowest priority of the options provided across all participants, three in four respondents support thermal screening.

This new FLIR survey echoes results from a previous Harris Poll survey conducted March 28-30, 2020, where a large majority of Americans, 84%, say they would support a required health screening before someone could be allowed to enter certain crowded public spaces and 77% agreed for visiting certain businesses such as restaurants, offices and cinemas.

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