Mirion Technologies: Accurad PRD


Designed to ensure the mission gets accomplished, even in the most unpredictable environments, The AccuRad PRD offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in measuring radioactivity levels and identifying radiation sources, utilizing Mirion’s long-standing expertise in the radiation safety industry. The AccuRad Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) was developed in close collaboration with emergency responders to fit seamlessly into their mission needs, and keep officers and the public safe. The AccuRad PRD is compact with big, easy-to-press buttons for performing one-handed measurements, even when wearing gloves. The device design includes five buttons, two LED indicators, two display screens — one large front display and a bonus display seen when worn — and a USB-C port for connecting external headphones, in addition to a tough, built-in belt clip for affixing securely to a belt or pocket.

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