Milrem Robotics demonstrates off-road autonomy


The European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics exhibited their Intelligent Functions off-road capabilities at the first demonstration of iMUGS, the project to develop the European standard unmanned ground vehicle. The autonomy demonstration was performed using two THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles. First, one THeMIS UGV followed a human operator walking along a path with various obstacles. Second, the operator took control of the first UGV using Line of Sight (LoS) control and set the second THeMIS to follow the first one from waypoint A to B. After a successful performance, the second THeMIS was commanded to return home via Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Integration Kit’s (MIFIK) Mission Planner. While en route, the operator stepped in front of the UGVs path to trigger its obstacle detection and an auto-stop feature. After the operator had passed through the UGVs path, the vehicle continued its way to its home point.

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