Leonardo – Israel Navy Receivs Leonardo’s Super Rapid Naval Gun for Sa’ar Corvettes


The Israeli Navy has received the 76/62 Super Rapid Multi-Feeding naval gun for two Sa’ar 6-class corvettes at its Haifa Naval base. The 76/62 enables air, anti-surface, and anti-missile defense for INS Oz and INS Magen ships.

The Israel Navy is one of the first international forces to procure the gunnery, according to Leonardo. Since 1973, the navy’s Sa’ar 4.5 fast attack craft have operated with six integrated 76/62 systems.

To date, Israel has procured four 76/62 systems as main guns for its new Sa’ar 6 corvettes.

The 76/62 Super Rapid is a lightweight, 76-millimeter naval gun with a fire rate of 120 rounds per minute.

Its multi-feeding feature allows engagement against multi-domain threats. It can switch between conventional or guided ammunition configurations in real-time to operate in various scenarios.

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