Hensholdt South Africa introduces new radar electronic surveillance solution


Hensoldt South Africa has introduced its new RES9000 radar electronic surveillance solution for the detection, location, and analysis of modern radar emitters. The RES9000 from the company’s GEW business unit was launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition on 22 September and complements the company’s extensive tactical electronic warfare portfolio. The RES9000’s objective is the interception of modern radar signals for precision direction finding (DF), tactical visualisation of gathered emitter information, emitter classification and matching of intercepted emissions to an emitter library, and reporting and tracking of radar threats in the 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz frequency range, GEW explained. Artificial intelligence is used to match signals to a user-populated threat library. Electronic intelligence (ELINT) processing and analysis is available with the addition of analysis software.

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