Germany, Sweden, And Norway Purchase Israeli Gas Masks in Fear Russia Will Use Chemical Weapons


Israeli gas mask becomes a popular item at Eurosatory, the largest land army exhibition in the world, which takes place this week in Paris, according to N12. There are growing concerns as the conflict in Ukraine continues, that Russia may employ biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine. The main concept is that the probability of Russia’s using chemical weapons increases in proportion to the unsatisfactory performance of the Russian military and the dissatisfaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the lack of a decisive victory in the conflict. Russia has just recently employed chemical weapons in Syria and against regime opponents, and it possesses chemicals that assault the nervous system like sarin, induce asphyxia like chlorine, or inflict blisters and burns like mustard gas. These means include ballistic or cruise missiles, bombardment, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Impertech exhibited Its gas mask ISET 76 system developed by senior engineers from the Israeli defense industry. This system is protected by patents and includes a unique breathing system that has a blower and an innovative tube.

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