Driving Innovation in Portable X-Ray Technology


By SmartRayVision

Borne from the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, SmartRayVision has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the field of portable X-ray technology.

The events of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 served as a clear reminder of the ever-present threat of terrorism on American soil. Those who tragically lost their lives, sustained injuries, or bore witness to the events of that fateful day found themselves unintentionally caught in the right place at the wrong time.

First responders, including brave explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams, exhibited extraordinary courage as they raced toward the danger. The scene was a series of streets filled with chaos. Just before the explosions, thousands of spectators lined the streets. Immediately afterwards, those individuals fled in panic, abandoning their belongings. Each item was now a potential threat.  

At that moment, the extent of the threat remained unknown, with the quantity and appearance of the improvised explosives unclear. It was now very apparent that the traditional approach of using large vehicles and cumbersome X-ray equipment would prove to be inadequate in the face of this unfolding crisis. The need for a more agile and tactical solution became painfully clear.

Police set up barriers at Copley Square just moments after the Boston Marathon bombing. Courtesy: U.S. National Science Foundation

Responding to this solemn challenge, SmartRayVision (SRV) embarked on a mission to develop a highly tactical EOD X-ray solution that could be carried in a backpack. Within a 12-month timeframe, the SRV team delivered a groundbreaking DR Panel-based X-ray kit weighing less than 50lbs (22.7kg), complete with wired and wireless connectivity options and intuitive customized EOD software. Remarkably, within just 30 seconds from firing the X-ray source, an image could be displayed on a tablet computer.

Today, SRV products continue to evolve, driven by a relentless commitment to innovation. Our Portable 2D X-ray system, featuring custom-designed software, undergoes continuous enhancement based on client feedback and advances in technology. Meanwhile, the SRV 3D Video X-ray is nearing completion, promising to revolutionize the way we view and interact with X-ray imagery.

As we look to the future, SRV remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in portable X-ray technology. With our unwavering focus on excellence, we strive to deliver solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and ensure the safety and security of communities worldwide.

Image Quality

While anyone can achieve a satisfactory image under ideal circumstances or when imaging straightforward objects, we advocate for excellence at all times. Consistency is key. One must expect not just good, but exceptional image quality every time. In 2023, SmartRayVision integrated AI into its image processing, ensuring consistently stellar results. AI Image Processing in SmartRayVision Software sets the standard for X-ray imaging excellence. 

Automatic Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, simplicity is key. With SmartRayVision, you can seamlessly connect your system without any hassle. Whether you’re running wirelessly or using cables, our systems automatically engage with the new protocol as soon as you plug them in. No complicated setup is required. Additionally, we use standard Cat6 network cables that offer several advantages over proprietary cables. Not only are they more readily available, but they’re also easily replaceable. With SmartRayVision, you won’t have to worry about downtime due to a broken cable.

A SmartRayVision X-ray system operating in extreme cold, © SmartRayVision

Operation Temperature

No matter the weather conditions, SmartRayVision is designed to perform. With an operational temperature range of -29 to 50 degrees Celsius (-21 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), our hardware can withstand extreme temperatures.  

What sets SmartRayVision apart is its intelligent image processing technology that adapts to the hardware temperatures in real-time. This ensures optimal image capture quality, even in hot or cold environments. Unlike other systems with narrow temperature tolerances, SRV delivers consistent and reliable results, whether you’re in the desert or snow.

Image Capture 

In the unpredictable environment of EOD operations, SmartRayVision X-ray systems empower operators with unprecedented flexibility. Unlike traditional systems that limit capabilities, SmartRayVision’s innovative approach enables operators to tackle challenging scenarios head on.

One of our groundbreaking features is the “Long Exposure” capability, a rarity in the industry. Unlike conventional systems where the detector panel dictates image capture, SmartRayVision puts control in the operator’s hands. By synchronizing with operator actions like “FIRE” and “PULSE COUNT”, the system allows for extended exposure times. This enables operators to penetrate brick or concrete walls, inspect vehicle exteriors, and explore other creative solutions to complex challenges. With SmartRayVision, there are no limitations – only possibilities.


The SRV Imager panels boast a remarkable four-foot drop shock tolerance, even without the addition of bulky protective “armor” commonly used to safeguard delicate panels. Our insight from working closely with EOD operators reveals that their primary focus is on the dangerous task at hand, rather than on temperamental equipment.

Typically, the panel constitutes the costliest component in an EOD X-ray kit. Unfortunately, for most suppliers of EOD X-ray kits, the panel is the least resilient and often comes with stringent warranty limitations. These panels frequently feature shock sensors to monitor potential warranty breaches. If it’s not from SmartRayVision, dropping the panel could lead to costly repairs or necessitate purchasing a replacement unit.


For an EOD operator, dependability boils down to one crucial factor: consistent performance. It means equipment that functions flawlessly every time it is needed – no breakdowns, no complex maintenance routines or shipping logistics, and certainly no convoluted boot-up or connection sequences to memorize. With SmartRayVision, dependability isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee. Plus, if an EOD team has multiple SRV kits, the hardware components are easily interchangeable in the field, ensuring uninterrupted operations when it matters most.

SRV 3D Video X-Ray

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. As we embrace video as a standard form of communication on our cell phones, it’s only natural that SRV X-ray kits evolve to include true 3D Video X-ray capabilities.

With SRV, the transition from 2D to 3D Video X-ray is seamless. By introducing motion to either the X-ray source or the target object, our X-ray kits can capture dynamic 3D visuals. While a quick 2D X-ray shot may suffice for time-sensitive or high-risk scenarios, the 3D option allows for comprehensive exploration from all angles when time permits.

3D Video X-Ray, © SmartRayVision

Unlike traditional methods that rely on a collection of static images, SRV’s 3D Video X-ray delivers true video at speeds of 1-20 frames per second, maintaining exceptional image quality with each frame. This breakthrough technology provides unparalleled detail, making it invaluable for scenarios where visual precision is paramount.

Above is a series of video frames from the new SRV Video X-ray that produced 180 frames representing 90 degrees of rotation. Each frame in the video shows extremely high fidelity. Not only is capturing video X-ray using portable X-ray equipment new, but it is also a huge breakthrough to produce the same image quality as done with a single image shot.

If it is true that more than 50% of EOD X-ray shots are assumed to be non-explosive, then 3D X-ray will become a normal procedure when visual detail has high value. For those situations that are not EOD in nature but more like checkpoint and smuggling as the use case, only time should dictate whether to use 2D or 3D X-ray.  

Our SRV 3X Kit will support 3D Video X-ray as a standard feature. To capture video X-ray requires something to “move” while recording the video. Either the target object needs to move, or the X-ray source. For basic video X-ray, we have simple accessory options to make it easy and portable.

Click here to visit SmartRayVision’s AI Image Gallery, and click here to visit their website.

SharpLogixx, LLC, the manufacturer of SmartRayVision based in Green Bay, WI, USA, has been providing services and support for digital X-ray for over 14 years. We launched the first completely portable, fully featured, backpackable X-ray system to the EOD market in 2015.  Over the years, we have actively engaged with our clients in the field, consistently refining our custom SRV systems and purpose-built EOD software to meet the evolving requirements of the warfighter. SmartRayVision systems are in use all over the world for EOD, investigation, bag checking, and general security needs. Our clientele includes the U.S. Army, ATF, Australian Federal Police, U.S. State Department, U.S. Secret Services, GIGN, NAVSCOLEOD/Advanced IEDD as well as FBI-HDS training facilities, and many other U.S. Federal Agencies and Public Sector agencies.

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