DOK-ING Held the World Premiere of the Innovative Electric Robotic Fleet for Underground Mining


100 distinguished guests, Politicians, Ambassadors, Ministries, Business partners & Journalist were thrilled to see in person these advanced Narrow Reef Equipment (NRE). The most competitive – with only 65cm of height, NRE can enter the world’s lowest mines DOK-ING’s team of experts led by owner Vjekoslav Majetić created, developed and produced this small by height (only 65 cm tall) and yet technologically turbo advanced, extremely powerful and productive unique electric robots that enter the world’s lowest mines. NRE is very innovative, but also unique as it is the only robot in the world that allows mechanization of exploitation from ultra-low production panels. “The NRE fleet is competitive in the market with the fact that the tracked chassis and elector drive allows the fleet to operate on slopes up to 22° compared to conventional mining machines operating on slopes up to 10°. The possibility of working on higher slopes allows the exploitation of deposits that are inaccessible or unprofitable using conventional machines and significant savings due to greater flexibility in mine design.”- said Luka Petro, Mining Program Manager and continued: “Electric drive eliminates noise and impact of exhaust gases spaces and reduces the carbon footprint of the overall exploitation process. Mechanization of the production process increases production efficiency and drastically reduces risks for workers and increases their safety.”

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