CBNW’s first issue foreword


By Ilja M. Bonsen, Managing Director, NCT Consultants & Anna Paternnosto, President, CBRNe Society.

The NCT team is proud to present you the first issue of the new CBNW Magazine, Powered by NCT. Since 2009, the NCT team has worked together to make this world a safer and more secure place by providing consulting services to government and industry. In 2012 we started with the NCT event series and in 2016 we started with the NCT Newsletter: an electronic monthly newsletter that is sent to almost 20.000 subscribers!

In November, we acquired CBNW magazine from Tina Naji and we would like to take the opportunity here to thank her and her team for their hard work over the past years in providing the CBRNe community with a high-quality magazine. We are proud to continue the success story of CBNW. 

We are also proud to announce the two new co-editors of CBNW: BG (ret.) William King, and Mr. José Zea Agüero. With this new team we will increase the number of issues per year from two to four issues, making CBNW a true quarterly free for all magazine to subscribe to. José will be responsible for the Spanish section of the magazine: two Spanish language articles in each issue of CBNW with expert contributors from Spanish speaking countries!

Over 10 years we operated under the name IB Consultancy and per January 1st 2023 we will continue as NCT Consultants, with established companies in Europe, the USA and Asia. This change reflects the teamwork that is behind the NCT events, the online publications and now CBNW magazine.

CBRNe is a team sport in which everyone plays an essential role. CBNW will continue playing the role of providing timely information to the community, but we can’t do it without your input! Please reach out to us and tell us how we can make sure to provide you with a magazine that fulfills your needs. Your feedback is essential to us! If there are specific topics or features you would like to see published, please share your ideas with us! 

We sincerely hope you appreciate this first issue of CBNW Powered by NCT and hope to be able to continue to support your counter WMD and CBRNe missions with amazing events and this great magazine!

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