Bruker Launches Benchtop FT-NMR Solution for Forensic Narcotics Analysis


Bruker announced this month the launch of a differentiated benchtop FT-NMR solution for forensic narcotics testing, called the Fourier 80 CrimeLab, with a nuclear magnetic resonance NMR Narcotics Profiling module. This unique forensics solution offers the flexibility of information-rich FT-NMR in an easy-to-use, automated method with detailed reports on the types and quantities of substances in seized drug samples. Bruker introduced the Fourier 80 benchtop Fourier transform (FT) NMR technology to make NMR accessible to a broader range of laboratories. The new NMR Narcotics Profiling solution allows non-NMR experts to run advanced analyses including automated interpretation and report generation. It has also been tailored to the needs of the forensics environment, with data and reports that are admissible in legal proceedings. The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office in Germany (BLKA) is collaborating with Bruker in the development of more sophisticated solutions for the identification and quantification of controlled substances. According to the BLKA, NMR Narcotics Profiling offers significant potential in small to mid-sized forensic laboratories.

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