Avon Protection unveils EXOSKIN CBRN protection range


Avon Protection has developed a new range of products to protect military personnel operating in CBRN environments: the EXOSKIN-B1 High Traction CBRN Boots and EXOSKIN-G1 Tactile CBRN Gloves. The CBRN threat is a growing concern for military forces, with the use of chemical weapons rising among both state actors and terrorist groups. In response, Avon Protection developed the EXOSKIN range of boots and gloves to supplement its CBRN respiratory protection products to protect personnel without compromising the wearer’s tactical agility in the field. Designed to allow for the handling and operation of electronic touch screen devices, the EXOSKIN-G1 glove offers a critical operational advantage. The ambidextrous glove features a rubberised outer layer textured to maintain grip in wet conditions, with an intelligent, seamless inner knitted liner that has a conductive tip on both the thumb and forefinger. Together these layers optimise the wearer’s dexterity and allow them to complete their mission safely. The EXOSKIN-B1 boot provides improved durability and agility in the field, with quick-release straps to secure the garment over standard footwear. A highly textured sole improves the wearer’s manoeuvrability in all underfoot conditions.

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