Argon and Cubic Implement Collective Training Simulation System


System provides realistic training to battlefield participants, responders and analysis specialists. Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. and Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions have successfully integrated Argon’s LCD3.3 simulator, known as the M4A1 JCAD simulator in the U.S., with Cubic’s chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRND) Collective Training Simulation System (CTSS). This collaborative effort enables Argon’s LCD3.3 simulator, and potentially all other Argon Personal Area Network (PAN)-based simulators, to be integrated with Cubic’s training and instrumentation systems. The LCD3.3-SIM when linked to the body worn player’s PAN responds to simulated chemical warfare and toxic industrial threats generated by Cubic’s Exercise Control (EXCON) Combined Arms Training Simulation (CATS) MetrixTM. In addition, all user interaction with the simulator including the use of simulated confidence tester and replacement of consumables is reported to EXCON in real time.

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