Senior Engineer Plans & Arrangements, Damen (Vlissingen, The Netherlands)



Damen Naval is looking for a Senior Engineer Plans & Arrangements. As Senior Engineer Plans & Arrangements, you will work on a broad variety of tasks in the field of outfitting, where outfitting includes arrangements of the accommodation and all technical spaces excluding engine rooms.

As Senior Engineer Plans & Arrangements, you will work in a basic engineering team of several outfitting engineers, mainly with regards to arrangements. As Senior Engineer, you will implement your technical knowledge and practical experience, on subjects as maintainability, producibility and ergonomics etc.


As Senior Engineer Plans & Arrangements you will:

  • Execute engineering activities within the 2D and 3D environments, such as Cadmatic or 3DExperience (Catia).
  • Ensure full compliance to all applicable requirements and specifications imposed by Regulatory Bodies and the customer.
  • Contribute to the engineering process by developing the required information, such as arrangements, lists and fabrication/mounting drawings.
  • Contribute to the further development of the department.
  • Develop and describe yard standards.

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