High Volume Test Engineer, Axis Communications (Lund, Sweden)



In your role as test engineers within High Volume, you work closely with your colleagues in other parts of our department PET (production technology and technology) and R&D. The test methods are largely developed by colleagues in PET, while your role will be to test electronics, mechanics and software and ensure that all parts work optimally together. You will not build the entire chain but are responsible for keeping it good in volume and solving problems that arise, root cause analysis, responsible for the entire chain of various tests in production being structured in an efficient way and in the future trying to contribute to efficiency.


  • Act as a production support function at various production facilities worldwide and assist with production technical troubleshooting managed via Tickets in Service Now, escalating if additional support is needed.
  • Verify and accept a handover of our new products from project to mass production
  • Test and approve new tests and upgrade software releases for the products in volume production.
  • Configuration of test sequences in the National Instruments Teststand
  • Plan and deploy entire production systems and, with the help of your colleagues, ensure that our test systems are optimized, and quality assured for transfer projects between different production facilities. Structuring and documenting the implemented Changes.
  • Support to redesign products to reduce costs, to reduce dependency on a particular component or to change our reference designs.
  • Be part of the ongoing process changes in the team and be innovative in contributing to the process.
  • Open to take on additional and new tasks that arise due to process changes related to high volume (Test & Lab) including taking responsibility for leading and driving the activity.

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